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Monday, January 2, 2017

Teaching  Young Women to Believe in themselves

It is very important as older women to teach our young ladies how to conduct themselves as ladies.  Many times we tell our young ladies things about themselves that is on the outer appearance.  Once they hear it over and over again ego then become their problem.  I remember growing up I saw this fat girl.  She was actually born fat and could not be the size people thought she should be.  I know in life she was called fat, but guess what? Her attitude and personality was outstanding.  Yes, she was aware of her situation that she could not help but lived with it.

Today she is married and have some of the most beautiful kids you can imagine.  There are times we tell our young ladies how beautiful they are and they develop the worst personality known to man.  They take those complements and think the world owe them everything.  On the inside they are miserable because they do not know how to contain the complements.  These girls bring children in the world and cannot take care of them.  How unfair.

We must teach our young ladies at an earlier age to always have confidante in themselves but keep other people feelings in mind.
We must teach our young ladies how to have dignity within themselves and to take praises with dignity.  We must teach our young ladies to believe in themselves and know who they are.

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