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Monday, January 16, 2017

Quiet Time with God

Ladies with all we have to do in life, at times we need time for ourselves.  My Husband was downstairs in his office studying and I decided to take a moment for my self.  I locked my bedroom door ran a hot bath and started meditating on Gods word.  I just wanted to hear the voice of God for myself.  Believe me it was a wonderful recharge that I needed.  I was able to focus more on the task around me.  I received a real perspective of the blessings of God.  I appreciated God changing my life for the better.

With my husband rebuilding his ministry with high goals, I know that I will be caught in the middle of helping him as much as I can to achieve it.  My husband is highly bent on building the Bishop W.B. Lee youth center for disadvantage youth.  I see the passion in his eyes and I feel I am really going to need me time as much as possible.

Ladies take time out for yourself once in a while, you deserve it.   The daily struggles in life you are going to need at least an hour for yourself.  Ladies some of you are doing double duties and it is not easy.  Recharge yourself.  Get your prayer time in with the Lord, sit and listen to his voice,  and get an understanding, meditate on the goodness of the Lord and appreciate wear he brought you from and what he has blessed you with.

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