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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


A women is unique in Gods eyesight because he made woman for the man.  What women do not understand we cannot be over men.  We are designed to be a help mates to men.  In this church world women have said I won’t be silent anymore.  That is a direct disobedient to Gods word.  He gave the Apostle Paul instructions on how women should act.

I ask my husband if I was a Missionary called by God would you have married me?  He said No.  I wanted a submissive woman who obeys God word and walk side by side with me.  Inside, my thoughts ran wild.  I even called him names from within myself.  I even used the N word by saying old school N.  When I spent time with God and got into his word my husband was right.  God did not tell me to lead this man or try to.  He told me to be submissive in his word.

When we got married my husband said I don’t want my queen working and tired.  Stay home and be beautiful for me when I get home.  Easy said then done.  It took years to get it and it took years to know what God had blessed me with.  Think about it.  What is it you want a real man to do and how you want a real man to act? What do you have to offer that man if he is what you want and prayed for?

A women that honor God and want his full blessings will

Seek God first.

Will speak faithfully and act faithfully in the word of God

Will show true beauty- Keep the head rags off your head and the old house coats burn them.  Keep your self beautiful inside and out.  Let the man see your beauty always

Stay humble.  Work with the one God gave you

Be Godly and look Godly always.  Let your light and beauty shine so man may see you and his eyes will not wonder.

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