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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Confession of a Survivor

Women of God this is a hurtful reality once you are battered by a man.  Sometimes it is not our fault and sometimes it is.  Many women have survive abuse by the hands of someone and it is not a good feeling.  We have the right to speak, we have the right to do what ever God entitled us to do.  One thing I will never agree with is abuse.  Abused by someone that say they love you is not love.  It will go on and on.  It is like a pit bull once he spells blood he cannot stop attacking.  

Lot of times it is not physical abuse we suffer it is also mental.  No matter what we do someone has something to say.  Women of God remember our words are piercing.  Our words sow seeds into someone spirit.  For example if you tell another young lady or young man they are somebody that is a seed you are sowing into their spirit.  If you tell them they are dumb and not going to be nothing that is a seed that is harmful you are putting into their spirit.

From my personal experience of verbal abuse, I just think God it was not physical.  However, I am not the same women I once was.  All the harm in my life God turn it into my confession of a Survivor.  What was suppose to destroy me God look down and saw my needs.  He picked me up and did I ever dream that blessings was down the road.  Picked me up our of that horrible pit and established my goings.

Praise God for all experiences they are testimonies for God.

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