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Friday, October 28, 2016

What is our life purpose as Women

As women of God we all have a purpose God gave us.  The definition of purpose is the feeling to do something or achieve something.  Our purpose is to build the kingdom of God to those who want to find a path to eternal life in Christ.  If this is true who are we trying to reach and share our experience with?

In this world God will put people in our path to share how he brought us out of our distress.  Women we have a lot of inner struggles and we need solutions to those struggles.
In this world things are not going to go the way we vision it should go in our minds.  It does not happen that way.  We must  expect non cooperation from others who do not share our words or path.

I will suggest three principals for your purpose in life:

1.     Have patients.  God want to make sure all doors are open for you without pain.  God want you not to be in a hurry for your solution and excitement.  Patients in our struggles always seems to have positive results.

2.     Don’t waste time on things you cannot fix.  Don’t think you can fix things in your mind when life situations are reality.  Expect confrontation when you give your opinion when it is right and those don’t agree.

3.     Don’t let people thinking sway your thinking.  You have to know the voice of God for yourself.  Following God’s plan for your life will let you make difficult choices.  You may have to let negative friends and family members go.  When doing what God purpose for your life, you may have to walk by yourself.

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