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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What happens when a women says yes to God?

I meet some tough women in my days.  These women were powerful in thinking and in career.  Deep inside (and we all been there) a piece was missing.  Ladies you may disagree, but God made man first and then he took a rib from the man side and made us.  Of course you heard this many times that we were made for man by God.  What was God purpose for us if Satan did not get involve.  I think things would have been very different.

However, we got forgiveness by God and he started using us.  Sometimes we try to get ahead of God and fail.  Don’t forget Satan was there from the beginning talking to us and he still here talking to us.  Remember Ladies when we get on this journey of walking with God, we must walk in obedience.  The bible has laid out our obedience toward God.  After all God did give us a choice and that is to choose this day whom we are going to serve.  God did not write his word for his health but for us to fall into our blessings he has laid out for us.

When we are in self it is hard to say yes.   When we are tune in to the word of God, blessings and things flows for us.  It will always be his way and not our way.  His will and not our will.  He knows what direction he is going to take us and we can only guess.  We want the will of God manifest in our lives so why not say yes to his will for it is written in his word.  After all Ladies we want to be a testimony for God.  Our testimony will teach others about saying yes to God in order to reap his benefits and blessings.

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