Video Series

Friday, October 28, 2016

What is our life purpose as Women

As women of God we all have a purpose God gave us.  The definition of purpose is the feeling to do something or achieve something.  Our purpose is to build the kingdom of God to those who want to find a path to eternal life in Christ.  If this is true who are we trying to reach and share our experience with?

In this world God will put people in our path to share how he brought us out of our distress.  Women we have a lot of inner struggles and we need solutions to those struggles.
In this world things are not going to go the way we vision it should go in our minds.  It does not happen that way.  We must  expect non cooperation from others who do not share our words or path.

I will suggest three principals for your purpose in life:

1.     Have patients.  God want to make sure all doors are open for you without pain.  God want you not to be in a hurry for your solution and excitement.  Patients in our struggles always seems to have positive results.

2.     Don’t waste time on things you cannot fix.  Don’t think you can fix things in your mind when life situations are reality.  Expect confrontation when you give your opinion when it is right and those don’t agree.

3.     Don’t let people thinking sway your thinking.  You have to know the voice of God for yourself.  Following God’s plan for your life will let you make difficult choices.  You may have to let negative friends and family members go.  When doing what God purpose for your life, you may have to walk by yourself.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

What am I as a women without a Title

Women are just as important and value as men.  Women are honored and rewarded for their work as men are.  God value people for their work and not their authority or title.  God honor women for their role and should be honor by men.  Women has a responsibility to teach.  Women have a duty to another young ladies to teach them how to serve God and their Husband.  For years I wondered why my husband always say “I did not marry or want a loud mouth woman but someone that would walk beside me.”  Did my husband wanted a woman slave to be there at his beck and call, not me I was not the one.

I ask my husband why can’t woman have a title like other women in the Bible.  He said women were used at that time to serve the purpose of God people.  Women were not called Pastors, Bishops, nor Apostles.  They were called Prophetess He said show me in the Bible where God called a women a Pastor, Bishop, or Apostles.  He called the women Prophetess and used them to serve his purpose.  In Judges 4:4 it says Deborah a prophetess the wife of Lappidoth judging Israel at the time.  She was in authority by God.  God spoke through her like he do many women.  However, God cannot contradict himself  and his word.  Jesus and Paul  highly recognized women work but not leaders.

It is a different in being a worker for God than going over the Authority of God for a title.  Women we have a lot of work just around us than just to seek high praises from men.  I asked my husband what if God called me to bring his word?  My husband said than God would be a home wrecker because I am a man who God choose to lead spiritually.  Why would God causes controversy with his own instructions.  Women that have careers taking care of their children I applaud them.  Someone has to.  Some men are sorry or just wanted a thrilled at the time without contemplating the consequences of bring an innocent life in the world.  These are the problems when we do things our way and not Gods way.

Women we cannot get around the word of God men shall have authority over women.  Pasturing is Authority.  We do it because we want titles and to be recognized.  Yes, some men are sorry and pitiful.  What about a loving real men?

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What happens when a women says yes to God?

I meet some tough women in my days.  These women were powerful in thinking and in career.  Deep inside (and we all been there) a piece was missing.  Ladies you may disagree, but God made man first and then he took a rib from the man side and made us.  Of course you heard this many times that we were made for man by God.  What was God purpose for us if Satan did not get involve.  I think things would have been very different.

However, we got forgiveness by God and he started using us.  Sometimes we try to get ahead of God and fail.  Don’t forget Satan was there from the beginning talking to us and he still here talking to us.  Remember Ladies when we get on this journey of walking with God, we must walk in obedience.  The bible has laid out our obedience toward God.  After all God did give us a choice and that is to choose this day whom we are going to serve.  God did not write his word for his health but for us to fall into our blessings he has laid out for us.

When we are in self it is hard to say yes.   When we are tune in to the word of God, blessings and things flows for us.  It will always be his way and not our way.  His will and not our will.  He knows what direction he is going to take us and we can only guess.  We want the will of God manifest in our lives so why not say yes to his will for it is written in his word.  After all Ladies we want to be a testimony for God.  Our testimony will teach others about saying yes to God in order to reap his benefits and blessings.