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Monday, September 5, 2016

How long must I wait for my Prayer to be answer?

Nothing tries our faith like waiting on God.  Waiting test our submission and our trustworthy. Going a head of God can mean our own pain we brought on our self
.  That is why David said he waited patiently on the Lord.  Finally the Lord heard him.  The Lord delivered him.  It was God timing for his blessing.

If we run ahead of God, we will be in turmoil and failure.  When we go ahead of God and not wait on him, then we take matters in our own hands.  If we are going to do that, than why waste our time asking him?

When we wait on God he then reveals his perfection, his ability to be in charge of every details in our situation, God works in our behave, and he is powerful over the enemy who comes to kill, steal, and destroy.

Other reason why we have to wait on God is, we are asking for the wrong thing that is not his will for us.
In our prayers we always ask for God will to done in our life.  But they that wait upon  the Lord he shall renew their strength. Isaiah 40: 31.

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