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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Clues he is  not the one God has for you

Ladies we are somebody in Christ.  God made us for the man and man for the woman.  Sometimes men are just a tool that we use for ourselves.  Sometimes women are a tool that men use for themselves.  What happens when we think we have found the right one to spend the rest of our lives with.

When my husband meet me, I said this is a pretty boy and I got to put him through a series of questions to see where is mind is at.      

The man I choose

Want to work-
No stay home and play video games

Love the Lord-
No want to play dominos on Sunday

Love Children-
5 baby mommas want child support

Have a banking account
No- have to hussle money

No- section 8 and on food stamps

What do I want with him
Before I got saved (sex)

The man God sent

Who is the Child?
Mother died my son

Love the Lord-
Spread the Gospel for God (Preacher)

Love Children-
Have to support my son and be there for him

Have a banking account
Over $100,000.00 (and I did not know it)

Own my own home believe in working for what I want

What can I do for him-
Be a good wife and Love the Lord

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