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Monday, August 15, 2016

Women in Ministries
Women we have a great obligation when it comes to ministry.  One of my favorite Chapter in the Bible is the Proverb 31 woman.  This is a good example how a woman minister to be surroundings by her actions.  Our actions versus words is the best ministry we have.  Our job in ministries is to help the hurting generation that comes after us.  The Bible says the age women teach the young.  What are we suppose to teach the young women?

  Love their Husbands
Love their children  
Be sensible
Be pure
Be workers at Home
Be kind
Be subject to their own husbands
Love the Lord God as yourself

We older women should know better and be wiser because of our experience and age.  After all, we should know what the word of God says about our place in the Bible and world.  My questions is why we try to get around that?   Why we put on men attire in ministry it looks awful?   We know that attire is designed for a man.  When we say Pastor that is a man title.  What is hard to understand.  Get in a ministry that will let you work and build your talent and work for God.  In ministry we have a lot to offer and give.  My husband believe in letting a women work in the ministry for edifying of women and God.  My husband always tell me I don’t know about women and their needs;  Only another women know about those things.  I never go ahead of my husband.  He tells me you are something and together we walk side by side.  What is the problem?  Read the word and get an understanding of what our place is in God.  Stop trying to do things a man is designed by God to do.  It is an honor to be submissive to my husband.  He is a God fearing man, a leader, a great husband, and one outstanding father.  

Another question I have, what is the problem of a man being the head?  If we are women of God and do what the bible say we should not have any problems.  I been married 25 years and have enjoyed being married and having a fulfilled life.  I am sorry women I have read the Bible and it does says man is over the woman.  God is a God that change not.  If God word changes than God falls in the category of a Liar.  God is a God that does not Lie.

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