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Monday, August 29, 2016

The Prayer of a Women

God is using women in this day as never before to set example of  his power.  As weaker vessels, some men take the power we have for granted when it comes to talking with God.  Prayer from a women is powerful when she is totally sold out to God and following his instructions.  After all why would God put words in his word for us to follow?

When we get plug into Gods word and follow it, what blessings he restores on us.  I know for a fact we do things better than men.  However, it is not God will for us to be in front of men but to work along be side of him.  Many times I wanted to step out and bring the word and work along side my husband.  Oh God, my husband would tell me there is one preacher in this house and that is me.  If you are going to preach file for divorce and go preach.

Filing for divorce was not an option.  Lord I am married to a man that follows your word to the letter ( as much as possible).  What do I do?  How can I minister?  God heard my prayers. Through my testimony and by writing this newsletter (blog), I can tell my story by ministering through my writing.  After all my husband told me to be the Editor of his news letter.    To me the power of prayer is mighty when we have a heart to do God’s will and work.  After all he did use women in the Bible for a season.

I Timothy 5-17 some of us should read the instruction Paul gave to young Timothy starting his ministry.  Paul who all women talks about, gave young Timothy instruction on us.  We may not want to follow Paul instructions but it is in the word of God.  The instructions are written in the same Bible and we do not want to go against that.

Women you know as well as I do we will always teach men.  We do it everyday.  Men that are stuck on themselves don’t know the power of prayer we have.

What does women of God pray for:

   We pray when we are overwhelmed
     We pray for a closer relationship with God
  We Pray for our relationship with others
We Pray for our marriage
We Pray for our role as parents
We Pray when we feel inadequate
We Pray for our finance
We Pray when we worry
We Pray for when we are despairing
We Pray for our mistakes
We Pray for disobedient to our husband
We Pray that God will let us do his will
We Pray for our health
We Pray to know what our mission in life is
We Pray for hope in Christ
We Pray that our children will be successful in life
We Pray for our protection
We Pray for obedience
We Pray that God will search us from inside and out
We Pray for our attitudes
We Pray that God will send us a save mate if we are single
We pray for Joy
We pray for wisdom
We pray for patients
We pray for understanding

Don’t forget women of God we have the power to do powerful  things for God when we pray.









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