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Monday, August 22, 2016

Five Foolish Virgins

I was reading my word on the 10 virgins.  I said we women are powerful but sometimes we act foolish with our power.  I begin to think how the Devil used Eve from the beginning. God had a purpose for Eve and the Devil knew it.  Why else would he use Eve to disobey God?  Man and Woman was equal from the beginning.

Since he said in the last day my daughter shall prophesies, he gave us another chance to deliver his word and fortell the future of what is going to happen.  With this new chance God gave us, we are not to act arrogant, high-minded, and disobedient to men that have ruler over us.

We get more from men with a humble spirit and not a mean one.  Holy women of God he wants us to respect all of his word and not bits and pieces of it; and  not the words we pick out for our purpose, but all of it.  God will use us even more for his Kingdom.

In today's world women are needed more so than ever to spread
and set example of the good news of Jesus Christ.
Let our words and deeds have meaning.  We would be heard more by showing God in us than by speaking God word with no one listening.

That is Foolish to get more oil when God has given us wisdom along with the oil he blessed us to have.

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