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Monday, August 29, 2016

The Prayer of a Women

God is using women in this day as never before to set example of  his power.  As weaker vessels, some men take the power we have for granted when it comes to talking with God.  Prayer from a women is powerful when she is totally sold out to God and following his instructions.  After all why would God put words in his word for us to follow?

When we get plug into Gods word and follow it, what blessings he restores on us.  I know for a fact we do things better than men.  However, it is not God will for us to be in front of men but to work along be side of him.  Many times I wanted to step out and bring the word and work along side my husband.  Oh God, my husband would tell me there is one preacher in this house and that is me.  If you are going to preach file for divorce and go preach.

Filing for divorce was not an option.  Lord I am married to a man that follows your word to the letter ( as much as possible).  What do I do?  How can I minister?  God heard my prayers. Through my testimony and by writing this newsletter (blog), I can tell my story by ministering through my writing.  After all my husband told me to be the Editor of his news letter.    To me the power of prayer is mighty when we have a heart to do God’s will and work.  After all he did use women in the Bible for a season.

I Timothy 5-17 some of us should read the instruction Paul gave to young Timothy starting his ministry.  Paul who all women talks about, gave young Timothy instruction on us.  We may not want to follow Paul instructions but it is in the word of God.  The instructions are written in the same Bible and we do not want to go against that.

Women you know as well as I do we will always teach men.  We do it everyday.  Men that are stuck on themselves don’t know the power of prayer we have.

What does women of God pray for:

   We pray when we are overwhelmed
     We pray for a closer relationship with God
  We Pray for our relationship with others
We Pray for our marriage
We Pray for our role as parents
We Pray when we feel inadequate
We Pray for our finance
We Pray when we worry
We Pray for when we are despairing
We Pray for our mistakes
We Pray for disobedient to our husband
We Pray that God will let us do his will
We Pray for our health
We Pray to know what our mission in life is
We Pray for hope in Christ
We Pray that our children will be successful in life
We Pray for our protection
We Pray for obedience
We Pray that God will search us from inside and out
We Pray for our attitudes
We Pray that God will send us a save mate if we are single
We pray for Joy
We pray for wisdom
We pray for patients
We pray for understanding

Don’t forget women of God we have the power to do powerful  things for God when we pray.









Monday, August 22, 2016

Five Foolish Virgins

I was reading my word on the 10 virgins.  I said we women are powerful but sometimes we act foolish with our power.  I begin to think how the Devil used Eve from the beginning. God had a purpose for Eve and the Devil knew it.  Why else would he use Eve to disobey God?  Man and Woman was equal from the beginning.

Since he said in the last day my daughter shall prophesies, he gave us another chance to deliver his word and fortell the future of what is going to happen.  With this new chance God gave us, we are not to act arrogant, high-minded, and disobedient to men that have ruler over us.

We get more from men with a humble spirit and not a mean one.  Holy women of God he wants us to respect all of his word and not bits and pieces of it; and  not the words we pick out for our purpose, but all of it.  God will use us even more for his Kingdom.

In today's world women are needed more so than ever to spread
and set example of the good news of Jesus Christ.
Let our words and deeds have meaning.  We would be heard more by showing God in us than by speaking God word with no one listening.

That is Foolish to get more oil when God has given us wisdom along with the oil he blessed us to have.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Women in Ministries
Women we have a great obligation when it comes to ministry.  One of my favorite Chapter in the Bible is the Proverb 31 woman.  This is a good example how a woman minister to be surroundings by her actions.  Our actions versus words is the best ministry we have.  Our job in ministries is to help the hurting generation that comes after us.  The Bible says the age women teach the young.  What are we suppose to teach the young women?

  Love their Husbands
Love their children  
Be sensible
Be pure
Be workers at Home
Be kind
Be subject to their own husbands
Love the Lord God as yourself

We older women should know better and be wiser because of our experience and age.  After all, we should know what the word of God says about our place in the Bible and world.  My questions is why we try to get around that?   Why we put on men attire in ministry it looks awful?   We know that attire is designed for a man.  When we say Pastor that is a man title.  What is hard to understand.  Get in a ministry that will let you work and build your talent and work for God.  In ministry we have a lot to offer and give.  My husband believe in letting a women work in the ministry for edifying of women and God.  My husband always tell me I don’t know about women and their needs;  Only another women know about those things.  I never go ahead of my husband.  He tells me you are something and together we walk side by side.  What is the problem?  Read the word and get an understanding of what our place is in God.  Stop trying to do things a man is designed by God to do.  It is an honor to be submissive to my husband.  He is a God fearing man, a leader, a great husband, and one outstanding father.  

Another question I have, what is the problem of a man being the head?  If we are women of God and do what the bible say we should not have any problems.  I been married 25 years and have enjoyed being married and having a fulfilled life.  I am sorry women I have read the Bible and it does says man is over the woman.  God is a God that change not.  If God word changes than God falls in the category of a Liar.  God is a God that does not Lie.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

 Single women looking for Love

Ladies looking for Love my advice is to love yourself first.  Set very high standards for yourself.  Stick to the standards you set for yourself and do not change.  When you adjust your standards slightly, you lie to yourself.  Lying to yourself is horrible.  Once you lie to yourself, you will make a habit of lying about everything.  People lie all the time and it makes life difficult because you don’t know what to believe.

We all want a mate to be there for us, to love us, and provide for us.  We want someone who is going to be true even if we don’t like the outcome.  Single ladies Godly ladies, you have to act Godly and prepare yourself for what God will send your way.  You know what you pray for in a man and the standard you have set for that man for you.  There are a lot of jive turkey guys out there looking for a come up.  There are good guys out there looking for a classy lady.  How do you expect God to send you what you prayed for if you are not ready.

Get ready for your mate by practicing as if you had one.  What I am saying, you know all man like their house clean,  their meals cook, and  their lady looking good all the time.  Why not get ready for him by doing those things.  If you don’t know, get an experience mother to teach you.  The bible says the age women teach the young Titus 2:1-5.   Ladies who know my husband would be a success.  He was looking for me to enjoy success with him.  Thank you Jesus.

You can have the same success story because there is a man looking for a classy woman.  He that find a wife find a good thing.  My husband know men that are virgins and looking for that perfect women.  These men are Godly men and they are asking God to send them that perfect mate.  Good men are out there ready to love you as Christ love the church.  Please do not be like myself learned as I went, on the job training.  Being ready you can avoid much headaches.

Once you are 80% ready you will be prepared for anything.  I almost lost my good husband because I did not know what God blessed me with or sent to me.  He sent me a man I needed and my man is strict, tough, loving, a superb father, and a Godly man.  What more do you want.  Oh by the way, he pays all the bills, give me enough money to shop with for the month, have spoiled the children rotten, and my husband look and smell good all the time.  His standards are extremely high.

You can have the same too if you ask God and put him first.

Next week:  Women in Ministries