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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tina Lee Editor

The Conclusion of What you have to do to be a good wife from a man point of view.

Ladies, the first year I was married and trying to figured it out, many ladies that messed up their lives, tried to tell me what they would do in my marriage.  Of course, it was my mistake for telling them my feelings because my husband did not do what I wanted.

My husband use to complain a lot because I would not fix myself
Up.  My hair would be tore up from the floor up.  My house coat was faded and torn.  I only fixed myself up when I went out in public.  WRONG!!!!!!!  My husband would say to me who are you.  I did not marry this woman.  I did not want to clean up.  I did not want to cook, and I just wanted to run around with my friends.

Several times, my husband packed his belongings and said I moving back home with my children.  You can have the house and all its contents.  When he started packing and actually getting prepared to move back to California, I got a wake up call.  This man for years worked hard in his own business.  This man did without and made sure his family had everything they wanted.  This man ask me to do three little things:
Keep the house clean
Take care of my children
Keep yourself beautiful

I was about to lose the perfect man in my life.

Ladies my advice for you would be:
Know what your man expect from you
Do not waste that man time and that man life
Ask God to send you a man that will love you and your children
Be submissive to your man
Don’t nag
Be helpful
Make home enjoyable that he will be looking forward to come home                                                              
Let him worry about the bills and other things the home needs
Pray for your husband
Do fun things together (even if it is a walk on the beach)
Look sexy for your man even if you don’t feel like it
Make sure dinner is cook and nice and hot
Let that man relax when he come home
See what you can do for him to make him more comfortable
Be a listening ear for your Husband
Complement him and tell him how proud of him you are
Make him feel like he is the King of his Castle
Talk about your problems calmly
Keep others out of your BUSINESS!!!!!!!
Tell your husband what is bothering you
Make sure your husband is your best friend
Practice good housekeeping

When my husband asked me to be the Editor of his Ministry Web Page, I asked my husband one questioned.  I asked my husband what made you Love me again?  He said “That beautiful young lady I fell in Love with left me, now I found her.  She is back.”

Let a man be a man.  Now, I have a beautiful home, I am financial secure, and I have a loving husband and family.

Next  week:  My life struggles

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