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Monday, July 11, 2016

My Young Life Struggles

My husband is an advocate for youth.  He doesn’t like youth abused and mistreated.  Youth are special and want to know what is right and wrong.  Youth did not ask to be here so why abused them.  My husband and I have similar stories of abuse in our lives.  But, my story is not about my husband tragic childhood it is about mine.

My sister and I was adopted at a young age. We were from the State of Oklahoma and the city of Oklahoma City.  I was 4 years old and my sister was 2 years old.  We were adopted into a family
of five.  As I got older, my adopted mother became very abusive.

She never hit us , verbally she would make comments that pierced my enter soul.  She would make comments such as “ you will never be nothing, you are stupid, I did not want you, I wanted your sister.  They did not want to separate you two so we had to take both of you.  I did not want you I wanted your sister.”  Down thru the years she would say those words over and over again.

I could not understand why I wasn’t  wanted.  I did not do anything to no one.  I was a scared little girl and did not know what to do.  I was a little girl who just wanted to be loved.  Hearing those words over and over again in my head, as I got older I could not concentrate in school and received bad grades because those thoughts were in my head.  We grew up in a home where my adopted mother was a church attendee  and my father was a stay home neighborhood drunk.  My adopted father knew the word of God better than some preachers and only went to Church on Easter and Christmas.

My young life was depressing.  We only went to School and Church.  We stayed around the house year after year until I became a teenager.  Our only vacation was a 30 mile trip from Oklahoma City to Ardmore, Oklahoma.  We would go to Ardmore and back that was the only vacation for years.  THIS IS WHAT I CALLED GOING TO HELL AND BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
Going to School was even worst.  I was trying to learn and the

teachers always was frustrated in teaching me.  I learn at a slow pace but I learned.  Kids knowing how poor we were they would bully and teased me daily.  The school was raciest and so were the
Students.  Since we lived down the street from the school that the
School we attended.  I began to rebel against every adult that was in my path.  I purposely got into fights and got kicked out of school.  I did manage to graduate from High School with a diploma.

After High School, I meet this wonderful family who God put in my path.  The Pastor of the church my adopted mother attended died.  The church elected this new Pastor and his wife took a liking to me from the beginning. The Pastor wife (Sister McPherson) would invite my sister and I over to her home for dinner and fun.  Sister McPherson had three beautiful daughters and we called ourselves sisters from day one.  I would sneak over daily just to be with Sis McPherson and her daughters.  What fun we had.

Because Sister McPherson did not want trouble from my adoptive mother, she would call and get her permission for me and my sister to come over there every day.  WHAT A HERO SISTER McPherson BECAME IN MY LIFE.  Sister McPherson would council me and teach me about life.  Sister McPherson was the mother I never had and always wanted.

Next week: The conclusion of My Youth Life Struggles

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