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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tina Lee Editor

What you have to do to be a good wife from a man point of view.

The Bible says “Marriage is honorable and the bed undefined, but whore mongers and adulterers God will judge.” Hebrews 13:4.
Marriage is a beautiful life when it is ordain by God.  For many years I wondered while older generation stayed married for years and years.  Finally, after being married for twenty five years with four

 children, I figured it out.    Marriage is something you must really
want.  You must be ready to change and compromise.  As a woman,    
Our ways is not the man’s ways.  God put man over the woman (after the encounter with Satan) and God word is and deeds is solid.  God will never go back on his word.

When I first got married I was young and was not taught about marriage.  I still wanted to do the fun things in life with my sister and friends.  Before I married my husband he told me what he was looking for in a wife.  He told me he was a Minister and love preaching the word of God.  My husband shared with me all the mistakes he made in life and I was the last woman he wanted.  He told me, ( after me), he was totally committed to a life without a woman in it.  He said God will be his guide and his dedication.  

My husband told me he did not want me to work.  He said he would work three jobs if he had to just so I could look beautiful for him.   He told me he was a clean freak and everything around him, including himself, must be clean 24 hours a day.  My husband would come to bed fresh and smelling good ( he still do that after 25 years of marriage).  My husband told me if he does what the Bible says and love me as Christ love the Church and I be submissive to him, we would make it.  SUBMISSIVE TO A MAN!  NO WAY IN H___! I will just go along with it.
I had to do an investigation on what I got myself into.  So, I meet his sisters by phone.  They told me GIRL, MY BROTHER IS A MAN AND YOU GOT A GOOD ONE!  YOU HIT THE JACKPOT!.  My husband sisters told me what he always expected out of a women and marriage if he should ever go down that road.    I became afraid.  The shoes was to hard for me to fill.  His sisters told me whatever you do listen and remember what he told you.  His sisters said, “Many women lost a good man because they

thought my brother was a joke.  My brother means what he says and says what he means.”   I had no one to talk to on how I could keep this good man from leaving me.  This was the last time in life that I would have a good life.  The more I became afraid of losing my husband the more I messed up.

I found out people I knew really wanted me to fail.  They knew I had something that they wanted to happen to them.  After all, we were in the same situation.  These women wanted a man to take care of them, but they wanted to do what they wanted and the man understands.  These women would not stay home.  These women love going out partying.  These women houses were fifty and so were the kids.  These women did not keep themselves clean and respectable.  These women always pick men with no goals in life but getting high.

It seems like everyone I knew had an opinion on my marriage.

Next week:  The conclusion of What you have to do be a good wife from a man point of view.

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