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Monday, June 13, 2016

The Praises of Victory Ministries News Letter
   Editor Tina Lee                                

What’s it like being a Bishop’s Wife?

It is fun! I get to travel and see the world and meet new people and learn how other people praise God.  Going into different churches is an enjoyable feeling,  The saints of God welcomes you with open arms even though they may be struggling with their own issues.  I get to stay in the different beautiful hotels and go to the many restaurant the cities offer.  Sometimes we go to the entertainment attractions and stay all day.

It is a life changing experience for me.  It makes me feel humble and appreciate the opportunity God let me experience.  Many people in my life time will never get this opportunity, so this is not taken for granted.     I never dream that I would have such an adventure.  I never dream that it was more to life than everyday struggles.  One may see these place on T.V. and let their imagination run wild.  A Bishop is loaded with responsibilities and must always meet those responsibilities.  As a Bishop wife you enjoy all these experiences.  When I go to the different cities shopping becomes an adventure.  I find that shopping with different Pastors wives will let you see the fashion the cities has to offer.  As I go around with the Pastors wives, it teaches me to be humble.  I listen to the wisdom they have learned over the years.

One particular Bishop wife I hung out with was Mother Commendore.  As a young Bishop wife she gave me wisdom I used today.  Mother Commendore knew God and stayed with God constantly.  She dress like a saint of God all the time.  When people saw Mother Commendore they knew what she represented.  It was obvious.  Her life was a life of holiness she was dedicated to a life of living for God.

Today, I try to take those same principles and share them with young ladies.   As a Bishop wife, many of our young ladies need to see example of how a lady act, how to love themselves, how to dress Holy becoming Godly women, and how to have self-esteem for themselves.    I learned much being a Bishop wife.  What joy it is.

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